Autor:    Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa

Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa



The devils, turned into termites,

they are silent eaters,

that hide to satiate their low instincts.


—Woe to us who have no eyes—, said the poet,

woe to them that, lacking a stomach,

they take and digest the excrement of others,

because its role

is working in the dark.


When they feel cornered

and they have no one to harm,

their targets end up running out,

their arguments are over.


They form underground nests

or large epiphytes

to gnaw on your own home.


Nothing is satiated,

they plan the evil that produces their own adrenaline,

and when they find no victims,

they get lost in foolish, failed attempts.


They are diminished and they do not hit,

they don´t have the breath to destroy.


To those eusocial neoptera insects,

related to cockroaches,

we have eliminated them

with diesel and boric acid,

and chlorine,

stepping on them to turn them

on corpses.

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