Autor:    Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa

Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa



There are people who pretend to climb,

and they go up with the illusion of reaching so high

like trees.


Their effort is worth nothing,

they do not hold,

they step on the ground again.


They think they have it all:

lineage, titles, charisma, intelligence,

and they lose the hidden treasure of humility.


They are spies that hide

behind their mask;

overflowing with cowardice,

they stick to their master´s skirts

and they pay for the information.


The arrogance surrounds them,

they end up in their burrow

and they lock themselves up.


They are ferocious wolves

intoxicated with anger.


They do not know their origins,

they fight in the ring of evil.



Mephisthophala appears,

she lets off her scent of a cat in heat.


They together,

they rot.



their bodies don´t smell good.


To Mephisthophala and Lady Juliana

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