Autor:    Enrique Arroyo Villegas

Enrique Arroyo Villegas



My partner dreamed tonight of the ghost of some friends who have already returned to the Universe turned into light or something else. There were characters you don´t know, but who were once the soul of the city. They all died prematurely or prematurely led to death, it depends on how it looks.


She dreamed of them in a bar, today hermetically closed by the pandemic, having fun, drinking their glasses, and since they have nothing to lose, enjoying freedom, and brightening the life or dream of the happy lady that imagines.


If somebody asks me what meaning the dream has, far from the Freudian recesses, I would say that for she between life and death there is only a delicate suppurative line, and that if the ghosts laugh today at the world of the living they will have their reason. Because honestly, you cannot go through life separating yourself a meter or two from your neighbor, you cannot walk happily with the fear of death.


So dreaming of ghosts dying of laughter, celebrating at a bar closed for health, is not a bad omen, it is rather a breath of hope in this ridiculous world that today we have to live behind a protective screen, to keep breathing.


Dedicated to the lady of the dream, Estela.

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