Autor:    Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa

Alba Lucía Hernández Espinosa



It´s magic,

a fantastic, divine, happy place.

From the elevator,

a river of gold that preserves its origin.


When we walked into 1303

culinary smells are perceived,

and Rafa, as always,

invites you to breakfast,

this time: arepa, scrambled eggs with chives,

chorizo and cookies.


I was surprised to see the view:

is beautiful,

like a castle made of gold.

Nati, incomparable, gives me her affection,

she always tells me: comes back.

Then the kiss.


Black seagulls flood the sky,


they fly over the infinite landscape

seen in the background:

ancient trees and pasture for a few cows.

On the left side of the bottom, after the river,

a small house

and another almost intact landscape

I´ll keep begging for it to stay that way.


I imagine the river when it grows,

bubbles escape,

fish emerge,

at the end,

without knowing what will come next,

green slopes,

like canyons in a plaza

where infinity is perceived.


The river goes, comes, goes, comes,

gigantic emporium

gifted by the divine presence,

in the balcony,

I dedicated myself to walking

and to be ecstatic with such beauty.


We read some poems

that he helped me correct,

imagine, a lawyer,

one of those who love art and philosophy.

Rafa uses technology to the fullest,

with his computer and with his high quality cell phone

he travel the world

and he does wonderful business.


His apartment is crammed with books

who lends, buys and gives away,

as well as two guitars:

one acoustic and one electric.

He says that he likes to play acoustics more.

He is a poet and a musician,

although for business he is a cattleman.


To Rafita, as I call him,

they give him paintings,

and among them I saw one out there

where he appears with black glasses and a white beard,

his long hair in a bun a little tangled.

You can see the essence of him in that painting:

some mysticism, love and madness,

some good, mystery, some tenderness,

and a lot, but a lot of charisma.


He invited me to a conference

about the Zenúes, I really enjoyed it.

He is indigenous in his way,

because of the way he walks

and the legacy that he keeps,

and that now, I live,

he doesn´t know how much the world loses.

When he writes and sings

I am surprised,

that´s my Rafa.


To Rafael Antonio Matera Espinosa 

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