Autor:    Pedro Miguel Silva Llorente

Pedro Miguel  Silva Llorente


The young woman felt desperate, she was waiting for her beloved at the train station sitting on a bench.


The last letter received gave an account of the red-handed escape that they both planned to make.


When she felt that the time was approaching, her face was invaded with happiness, spreading it to the seller who was sitting on the same bench with a tray full of merchandise.


—What do you have there?


—Cigars, mints, gum, cookies —the seller showed her.


The young woman wore a coat, heels, her hair was tied back, on the floor, next to her, was her handbag.


After a while, the sound of the train was heard, she quickly took her bag; she extended her gaze to the rails, and in a matter of no time, she saw the train passed at high speed without stopping.


She returned to the bench, as she watched the train getting away.


—Boy, why haven´t you offered me something?


—It´s the first time you´ve asked me, in so many years we´ve been here.

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