Autor:   Henry Andrés Ballesteros Leal

Henry Andrés Ballesteros Leal








London of the world, the city of the world”.


Luis writes in his notebook, as he watches people from everywhere pass by, speaking all languages, from all cultures.


He goes into a pub. The atmosphere is one of joy.


At a table, young men in suits and ties laugh out loud. In another, three women talk entertainingly while drinking cocktails. Others celebrate a soccer game that is projected on TV.


Luis sits at the bar.


—A Guinness, please.


The waitress is super friendly.


A rock band sounds. The singer is beautiful.


Luis and she connect with the look.


Divine, she sings and vibrates.


—Baby, a gin and tonic, please.


The magic.


Mick Jagger appears from the crowd.


African drums, saxophone, guitars fly.


You can´t always get what you want”


The three women dance on the chairs.


Ties fly.


—Baby, another gin and tonic, please.


—You won´t be able to stand from your chair.


—I just stay here.




“you can´t always get what you want”


She, she approaches the bar, they have a drink ready for her.


She takes Luis by the hand, and they dance.


“you can´t always get what you want”   


Nothing else exists and everything exists.




“you can´t always get what you want”


Beautiful, she levitates in the music.


She smiles, lives, she, lives, smiles, she.


“but if you try sometimes”


She asks for strawberry water.


Luis, another gin and tonic.


They stumble and the strawberry water bathes Luis´s shirt.


They laugh.


She takes a lipstick out of her bag and writes her phone on his strawberry water shirt.


She kisses him and disappears smiling.


“well, you just might find”                 




—Hey, Mick, cheers!


Mick walks away chatting and laughing with two beautiful women.


“you get what you need”

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